Stepping into your Power – part 1


The world is changing, humanity is changing. I believe that how we are behaving towards ourselves and each other is changing too. And I have a vision of this being for the betterment of all of us. Power has been used and abused. It has a bad reputation. However if we own our own power – not power over another, but power to be our true selves – we can be part of the solution in stead of being part of the problem.

I can feel that I am going through a period of growth and change. I had felt for a long time as though I was stagnating in so many aspects of my life. I felt that I had no purpose and that I was doing nothing of worth for the world. And that left me feeling empty. I spent a long time searching for a quick way to fix the problem. Along the way I have tried a lot of things – some of them worked well and others I am not so proud of. But I can say now that I am finally starting to feel that things are shifting. I feel creative and this is new. I feel like I am starting to find out who I really am – and it’s good!

I finally understand what people used to say about travelling off to India to “Find Themselves”. But for me it wasn’t travelling that’s helped, but it’s actually spending quality time with myself and getting to know who I am and what I enjoy.

For my first few blog posts in this series I aim to give a flavour of the things that appear to be working for me. I hope that this might help some of my fellow travellers on the path of life. Perhaps it will inform or inspire … but I put this out there and hope that in some way it will help someone….

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